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Rejoicing in Times of Trial


Speaker: Brian Warne | Date: September 6, 2020 | Text: Psalm 16

Sermon Summary

What is our hope in life and death? It can only be found in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who faced death and was not abandoned to the grave, but rose again to pave the way for our resurrection and eternal life. Since God has given hope for the greatest of trials, death, we can have hope in any other circumstance we could ever face. Praise the risen savior!

God is Our Refuge


Speaker: JD Summers | Date: March 15, 2020 | Text: Psalm 46

Sermon Summary

There is rest for our wondering hearts in the mighty refuge of our sovereign Lord. His faithfulness and compassion are the foundation of our glorious hope.



  • Why is it significant that the psalmist starts with theology ("God is") and not with his circumstances? How is this instructive for us in our current situation?
  • How might fear manifest itself in your life this week? What would it look like to be confident in the power and presence of God?
  • In heeding the call of verse 8, what historical works of God (in scripture and in your own life) instill confidence in his power and goodness?
  • How does the return of Christ change our view of earthly crisis? What are some practical ways we can "be still" and know that he is God this week?


  • Spend time praising God, acknowledging his power, glory, goodness, faithfulness, sovereignty, compassion.
  • Thank God for being always WITH us.
  • Ask God to strengthen faith and keep us from being ruled by fear.
  • Pray for an increased eagerness for Christ's return.
  • Pray for others to see God as he is, and to trust him
  • Pray that we would be used by God to exalt his name in all the earth.
  • Pray for our church to be united in the fear of God.

A Model of Genuine Repentance


Speaker: JD Summers| Date: June 25, 2017 | Text: Psalm 51

Sermon Summary

The Christian life is one marked by repentance. There is no salvation apart from it, and the ongoing reality of our sin calls for an ongoing posture of repentance. David's plea for mercy, cleansing and restoration in Psalm 51 provide a beautiful model of repentance, and points to the sufficiency of Christ's future work on on the cross.  

God is Glorious


Speaker: Pastor Otto Skoog | Date: October 11, 2015 | Text: Psalm 115

Sermon Summary

God is incredibly glorious and therefore worthy of our trust and our praise. Our understanding of what God is like and what He has done in rescuing us should produce in our hearts this response of faith. Listen as guest speaker Pastor Otto Skoog preaches to us from Psalm 115. 


Faith in the Face of Crisis


Speaker: Pastor JD Summers  |  Date: June 21, 2015  |  Text: Psalm 11

When crisis hits, what will we do? To where will we run? In Psalm 11 we see the psalmists response; his refuge is in God. While those around him see nothing except dire circumstances, uncertainty and danger, the psalmist sees God. His faith in God's power and character compel him to trust and not fear.