Speaker: JD Summers | Date: April 12, 2020 | Text: 1 Corinthians 15

Sermon Summary

We must recognize that Christ's resurrection is the necessary proof that Jesus is the Son of God and the promised Messiah. He endured the Father's wrath and rose victorious, securing salvation as the representative of all who trust in him alone for righteousness and the forgiveness of sin.

Discuss Together

  • Why is the resurrection so central to our faith?
  • What practical impact has the resurrection of Christ had on your heart and life during the shutdown?
  • In what ways does it need to have additional impact?
  • How can we grow in living with resurrection hope/joy/confidence?


  • Praise God for the victory of Jesus in the resurrection
  • Acknowledge the divine nature, messianic identity, and saving power of Jesus
  • Thank Christ for his representative work in his life, death, and resurrection
  • Lay any fear or despair at the Savior's feet and pray for increased faith and joy.
  • Pray for those in darkness to see Jesus as the light of the world, the resurrection and the life, and their hope for salvation.