The story of God providing water from the rock in Exodus 17:1-7 shows us what a hard hearted response to crisis looks like (grumbling, revolt), what an imperfect but believing response looks like (Moses cries to God), and what God’s response is to those whom he loves (mercy and grace). Throughout their wanderings, Israel was frequently tested, and God always showed himself faithful. As we continue on our own journey as followers of Christ, may these stories challenge us, warn us, teach us, and encourage us to trust and obey.

Listen to "Water from the Rock"

For those who would like to listen to week three of our newcomers class (on our mission and philosophy of ministry), you can access it here.


This week’s sermon will be from Exodus 17:8-16 Read through the story before Sunday and consider:

  • What historical promises shape the background of this battle?
  • Who initiated this battle (humanly speaking)? How should we read verses 14-16 in light of that fact?
  • How had God prepared his people for this moment?
  • Whose strength is the explanation for this military victory? How should this shape our view of conflict? Our view of human leaders? Our view of God?

Please pray that God would use the preaching of his word to feed the faith of his people. Pray that we would united in the truth, sanctified in the truth, grounded in the truth. Pray that those who do not know Christ would come to him for eternal life.


Below are the songs we plan to sing together on Sunday. Since worship is to be corporate and congregational, we encourage you to learn any songs that may be new to you so that you can participate with us fully. This is also a good resource to keep biblical and Christ exalting truth on your lips and in your heart throughout the week.