When God’s people are faced with crisis, it is a time of testing for our faith, but also an opportunity. In Exodus 16 Israel experienced hunger in the wilderness, and as God provided bread from heaven they had the opportunity to see his glory on display, to experience his provision, to respond to his word, and to remember his faithfulness. Let’s be mindful of these truths as we walk by faith.

Listen to "Bread from Heaven"


This week’s sermon will be from Exodus 17:1-7. Read through the story before Sunday and consider:

  • What key themes are repeated in this third crisis of need in the wilderness?
  • What does the people’s statement in v3 reveal about their heart?
  • How is God’s provision in this case different than the other two instances of divine provision?
  • How does 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 help us read these stories?

Please pray that God would use the preaching of his word to feed the faith of his people. Pray that we would united in the truth, sanctified in the truth, grounded in the truth. Pray that those who do not know Christ would come to him for eternal life.


Below are the songs we plan to sing together on Sunday. Since worship is to be corporate and congregational, we encourage you to learn any songs that may be new to you so that you can participate with us fully. This is also a good resource to keep biblical and Christ exalting truth on your lips and in your heart throughout the week.