Last Sunday we returned to our series in Exodus, looking at the story of bitter water made sweet at Marah. The experience of Israel in the wilderness teaches us that God desires faith and obedience from his people, and he uses trials to test and strengthen our faith. When we face times of crisis, we are to listen to God’s word, trust him, and obey all he commands. This is what it looks like to live life as worshipers of the God who has redeemed us by his grace.

Listen to "Bitter Water, Brittle Faith"


This week’s sermon will be from Exodus 16. Read through the story before Sunday and consider:

  • What similarities does this story have with the preceding section? In what ways has the lesson changed?
  • What does God’s instruction teach us about his provision, and about the nature of faith?
  • Why does Moses command them to keep some as a memorial?
  • In what ways does Jesus pick up the imagery and meaning of this story in his teaching about the bread of life (John 6)?

Please pray that God would use the preaching of his word to feed the faith of his people. Pray that we would united in the truth, sanctified in the truth, grounded in the truth. Pray that those who do not know Christ would come to him for eternal life.


Below are the songs we plan to sing together on Sunday. Since worship is to be corporate and congregational, we encourage you to learn any songs that may be new to you so that you can participate with us fully. This is also a good resource to keep biblical and Christ exalting truth on your lips and in your heart throughout the week.