Last Sunday we observed in Exodus 4:18-31 three different attitudes towards God's promises: resistance, neglect, and worship. As those who have been brought out of slavery, marked with the blood of Christ, and granted the status of being God's children, our heart ought to overflow with wonder and gratitude for his redeeming grace.

Listen to "Israel, My Son"


This Sunday we will be hearing from pastor Brian Warne, missionary to Sinaloa, Mexico. He will be preaching Psalm 16. Here are some questions to get you thinking about the passage:

  • What kind of experience seems to be prompting the composition of this Psalm?
  • What is the psalmist's orientation towards others, the trials, and God?
  • What is his hope in the face of earthly loss?

Let's pray for the word to go forth with power, and for God's glory to be seen and known. Let's pray our hearts would be hungry for and responsive to God's truth, and that our faith would be strengthened.

This Sunday we will also be celebrating the Lord's Supper together. For those who are not comfortable taking the provided elements, we encourage you to bring your own so you can participate with us.