Speaker: JD Summers | Date: March 15, 2020 | Text: Psalm 46

Sermon Summary

There is rest for our wondering hearts in the mighty refuge of our sovereign Lord. His faithfulness and compassion are the foundation of our glorious hope.



  • Why is it significant that the psalmist starts with theology ("God is") and not with his circumstances? How is this instructive for us in our current situation?
  • How might fear manifest itself in your life this week? What would it look like to be confident in the power and presence of God?
  • In heeding the call of verse 8, what historical works of God (in scripture and in your own life) instill confidence in his power and goodness?
  • How does the return of Christ change our view of earthly crisis? What are some practical ways we can "be still" and know that he is God this week?


  • Spend time praising God, acknowledging his power, glory, goodness, faithfulness, sovereignty, compassion.
  • Thank God for being always WITH us.
  • Ask God to strengthen faith and keep us from being ruled by fear.
  • Pray for an increased eagerness for Christ's return.
  • Pray for others to see God as he is, and to trust him
  • Pray that we would be used by God to exalt his name in all the earth.
  • Pray for our church to be united in the fear of God.