Speaker: JD Summers | Date: March 22, 2020 | Text: James 1:22-27

Sermon Summary

An active response to God's word in obedience is a delight to the Lord and results in blessing for his children.

Discuss Together

  • "Obedience does not secure our salvation, it confirms our salvation." Why must we start and end with the gospel when discussing the importance of good works?
  • Being "deceived" can refer to how we view our own wisdom, maturity, growth, or potentially even our own salvation. Are there ways in which you have not seen yourself in the light of scripture? What steps need to be taken?
  • How can you practically show compassion and serve those in need right now?
  • What are some ways you can practically seek to "keep yourself unstained from the world" right now?

Pray together

  • Thank God that salvation is a gift of grace received through faith.
  • Thank Jesus for his active obedience in fulfilling the law, and for the amazing privilege of sharing in his righteousness.
  • Thank God for the gift of his word, and for the light it shines on our own hearts.
  • Confess any sins that have been tolerated or excused.
  • Ask for help to receive the word fully, not just in hearing, but by doing.
  • Ask for grace to do the will of God in serving others and pursuing personal holiness.