James 4:11-12 commands us to not slander or judge our brothers. James grounds his argument in the right view of the law, and the right view of God. A humble heart will keep us from overstepping our place and committing these sins. This week, whether in person or on social media or in our digital communications, let's seek to honor God and his law with our words.

Listen to "Humbly Submitting to the Judge"


How should those who believe in God go about planning for the future? Read James 4:13-17 and consider the following questions in preparation for Sunday's sermon.

  • How does James's emphasis on humility and wisdom continue to be present in this text?
  • Why does James urge us to reckon with the sovereignty of God?
  • How should we apply these truths during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Please pray that despite the challenges of livestreaming, God's word would be heard with clarity and without distraction. Pray that we all would have attentive and open hearts to receive God's truth and that good fruit would be produced in us.


Here are the songs we will be singing this week. We hope that despite the limitations of worshiping at home, you will prepare your heart to sing praise to our Savior and give him the glory he so richly deserves.

We plan to have the lyrics on the screen, but they can also be found on our website.