On Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. 1 Corinthians 15 sets for for us the meaning of the resurrection, theological truths we must understand so that our faith is strengthened and our joy deepened. The resurrection calls us to recognize the divine identity and saving power of Jesus, to see him as our representative, and signals that he reigns and will reign over the whole cosmos. Let's revere him, rejoice in our future hope, and consider the glory of his eternal victory this week.

Listen to The Meaning of the Resurrection

Small groups - be sure to check the sermon post each week for discussion questions and points for prayer.


This week we will return to our series in the book of James. Take a few minutes to read James 3:1-12 and contemplate its teaching on the tongue:

  • Why do you think James gives so much space to describing the danger of the tongue and the damage words can inflict?
  • What significance does this have for teachers? Does this exempt everyone else?
  • What kind of speech should characterize a Christian?

Let's pray that God would use his word to sanctify us; bringing our lives more and more into conformity to Christ, especially in the area of our speech.


This week we will be learning a new song, Christ our Hope in Life and Death. Be sure to learn it with us this week! We trust you will be encouraged by its rich message and helped to rejoice confidently in Christ.

We plan to have the lyrics on the screen, but they can also be found on our website.