In Exodus 5:1-6:8 we saw that although faith and obedience do lead to blessing, sometimes things get worse before they get better. However, even in moments of crisis we can find confidence and comfort by looking to God and remembering who he is. In his revelation of his name - his character, promise, purpose, power - we find the strength needed to persevere in faith and renew our resolve to obey.

Listen to "Beholding God in Times of Crisis"


This week's sermon will be drawn from Exodus 6:9-7:7. Take a few minutes this week to prepare for Sunday by reading this text and considering:

  • As God prepares to rescue his people, what is their emotional state? What about Pharaoh? Moses?
  • Why would the story be seemingly interrupted by a genealogy at this point?
  • What is God's purpose in his guiding of history and hearts?

Let's pray for the word to go forth with power, and for God's glory to be seen and known. Let's pray our hearts would be hungry for and responsive to God's truth, and that our faith would be strengthened.


Here are the songs we plan to sing on Sunday. Use this list to become familiar with any songs that may be new to you so that you can participate with us.