Last Sunday we had the privilege of hearing Brian Warne walk through Psalm 16 and call us to joyful hope in God. He is our refuge, our treasure, and in the resurrection of Christ we find the ultimate resource to face any trial, even death. Let's meditate on these truths this week and seek to live in light of them for God's glory.

Listen to "Rejoicing in Times of Trial"


This Sunday we will return our study through Exodus. Read chapter 5 through 6:8 and consider:

  • Does obedience to God always bring immediate blessing?
  • In what ways had God prepared Moses for what would happen when he spoke to Pharaoh?
  • What repeated phrases stand out in God's speech of reassurance to Moses?

Let's pray for the word to go forth with power, and for God's glory to be seen and known. Let's pray our hearts would be hungry for and responsive to God's truth, and that our faith would be strengthened.


Here are the songs we plan to sing on Sunday. Use this list to become familiar with any songs that may be new to you so that you can participate with us.