Last Sunday we looked into the amazing account of God's appearing to Moses on the mountaint. The "I AM" announces his holy nature, his personal name, and commissions Moses to lead the people out of Egypt. The same God today initiates our own redemption from sin. He has drawn near to us in Christ and invites us to come near in humble repentance in faith. Salvation is found in knowing God, looking to the appointed instrument of our deliverance - Jesus Christ.

Listen to "The Great I AM"


This week's sermon will be from Exodus 4:1-17. Take time this week to read the text and consider:

  • What do Moses' statements reveal about his heart? How do our own hearts often follow suit?
  • What does God's patience and anger reveal about his character?
  • What place does human ability have in the plan of God?
  • What place does God's miraculous power have in the strengthening of faith and the rescue of sinners?

Please pray that God would be greatly glorified through the preaching of his word - that he would be more clearly seen, known, feared, trusted, and worshiped. Pray that this familiar story would invoke fresh joy and faith.


Here are the songs we will be singing this week. These are provided so you can familiarize yourself with any songs that are new to you, and to provide Christ-exalting music to encourage you this week.