On Sunday we were challenged by pastor Mike Summers from Acts 17 to continue the mission of proclaiming the gospel. Just as Paul did in Athens, we have an opportunity to make the unknown God known in our own culture. This involves having a burden for the lost, taking advantage of opportunity, proclaiming the truth of Christ, and then leaving the results in God's hands. Let's pray and seek to be faithful this week to our calling as ambassadors for Christ

Listen to "Making the Unknown God Known"


This week we will be returning to our series through Exodus. As you prepare for worship, take a few minutes to read Exodus chapter 3 and consider the following questions:

  • How do the events and language of this chapter connect to Exodus 2:23-25?
  • Who or what is "the angel of the LORD"?
  • In what ways are grace and judgment woven together in God's promise to Moses?
  • What does this scenario reveal to us about God's nature and character?

Please pray that God would be greatly glorified through the preaching of his word - that he would be more clearly seen, known, feared, trusted, and worshiped. Pray that this familiar story would invoke fresh joy and faith.


Here are the songs we will be singing this week. These are provided so you can familiarize yourself with any songs that are new to you, and to provide Christ-exalting music to encourage you this week.

  • Holy Holy Holy (with additional chorus)
  • O God of Our Salvation
  • Christ Be All
  • Only a Holy God