As we heard Sunday, the Song of Moses in Exodus 15 lays out a pattern for worship. Worship is a response to God, one that rejoices in what he has done, recognizes who he is, and anticipates what he will do. As those who have been redeemed from sin and death by the marvelous work of Christ, we (like Israel) have much to sing about!

Listen to "The Song of the Redeemed"


For the next three weeks we will be stepping away from Exodus to focus on the incarnation of Jesus Christ. The celebration of Christmas is a good opportunity to remember Jesus and consider what God has given us in him. This week's sermon will address the question "Was it essential that Jesus come to earth?" Take a few moments to read the following texts and consider:

  • In what way is Christ's active obedience to the Father necessary for our salvation? (Matthew 5:17)
  • Why couldn't Moses make atonement for Israel? (Exodus 32:30-33)
  • What is different about the reign of Jesus as compared to all other kings? (Isaiah 9:2-7)

Please pray that the Holy Spirit would be active in both the preaching and receiving of God's word on Sunday. Pray that believers would be edified, unbelievers would hear the gospel call, and that Christ would be lifted up as glorious and preeminent in our midst.


Here are the songs we plan to sing together on Sunday. In addition to the new song we learned last week, we are also learning "Prepare Him Room" as we approach Christmas this year. We encourage you to listen and prepare to participate to the full on Sunday.