Jesus taught the crowd and His disciples in Mark 7:14-23 that the real source of our defilement is not "out there," it is "in here." Sin springs from the heart. If this is true, we need transformation. We need a new heart. And the gospel promises exactly that. Jesus is our only hope, the only way to be cleansed and made new. When we come to Christ in faith God gives us a new heart and cleanses us from our sin. Are you looking to Jesus this week with a humble gratitude for the miraculous salvation He has provided? Are you seeing Him as a great Savior who has rescued us from a deadly problem by reconciling us to the Father? If you missed the sermon Sunday you can listen here.


This week's sermon will be from Mark 7:24-30. I encourage you to read this passage prayerfully and ask that God will speak to us through His word.


Although this will be the second Sunday of the month we will not be having our usual lunch (do to all the transition with the new meeting place). We hope to plan one for next month though.


Just a reminder men, Saturday September 19th is the Men's Steakout at the Balmans' farm in Wellsville, KS. This Sunday is the deadline to sign up and pay. If you would like to come please reply to this email with your name and the name of any guests you might be bringing. There is a $17 cost per person, and we encourage church members to offer to pay for any unsaved guests they invite.


4248 Utah Rd
Wellsville, KS 66092