This past week we looked at the transfiguration of Jesus Christ in Mark 9:1-13. As three disciples witnessed the glory of Christ revealed, they were blessed with a confirmation of their confession. He truly is the Christ. But they were also challened by the voice of God to "listen to Him" as He continued to explain the necessity of His suffering and death. The good news though is that for Jesus (and those who follow Him) suffering is not the end. There is glory coming. The reality of a future revelation of Jesus Christ when He returns gives hope to believers and serves as a warning to those who are rejecting His kingship.

You can listen to "Glory Revealed" online if you missed. Pastor Otto Skoog's sermon "A Life Lived Worhthy of the Gospel" from Philippians 2:19-30 is also now available.


This week we will be looking at Mark 9:14-29. I believe there is great value in all of us preparing our hearts for Sunday's gatherings by reading the text in advance and praying for God to work in us and through us for His glory. Please join with me in this important work over the next few days.


Tomorrow evening (Thursday) we will be hosting another special gathering to welcome and encourage our missionaries Brian and Danyel Warne, along with their daughter Amy and new grandaughter Ellie. Just as we were encouraged and blessed to be with Pastor Roger and Joao and Daniel Sunday night, I expect this evening to also be a meaningful time for our church family. Please come around 6:30pm to our house (3510 W. 10th St, Lawrence, KS 66049).


This Sunday evening will be the opening night for Journey to Judea at Countryside. Please pray for the many people who will come and hear the gospel (nearly 7,000 are registered), for those presenting the gospel, and for all who are participating in pulling off this incredible event. For those of you who are in the cast, we are supposed to arrive at 4pm.