This last Sunday we looked at the calling of the twelve in Mark 3:7-19. The calling of Jesus creates a community and commissions the preaching the gospel. Let's embrace our identity as disciples called into a community with a shared Savior and a shared mission. You can listen to the sermon here if you missed it.


This coming Sunday we are going to take a break from our study in Mark to look at Psalm 135. Take some time this week to read through Psalm 135 and consider how it answers the question, "Why should we praise God?"


Typically we share a meal on the second Sunday of the month, but since this Sunday is Mother's Day we will postpone our meal till the next week so everyone can honor the mothers in their lives. 


Prayer is something that we engage in personally and collectively. Here are some things I want us to pray for as individuals and in our small groups:

  • Let's pray for ourselves, that God would grow us as disciples who make disciples. Pray for boldness and compassion to reach out to the people in our community.

  • Let's pray for the people around us who are lost. Our neighbors and friends and coworkers. Pray that God would soften their hearts and reveal their spiritual need for redemption through Christ. Pray that they would respond to the gospel call with repentance and faith.

  • Let's pray for one another this week. You know the needs (physical and spiritual) of the people in your small group, take some time to love them by lifting them to the Lord.

  • Let's pray for our church, that God would grow us in depth (maturity) and breadth (numerically). Let's pray for a church culture that is saturated with gospel and marked by humility. A culture that is passionate about Christ's glory and shines brightly in this community.

I love you all and am excited to see what God is doing in and through our church. Let's press on in faith and spend ourselves for the good of Lawrence and the glory of God.