Last week we looked at Psalm 135 and considered the call to praise the Lord. This joyful privilege is the right response to who God is and what He has done. Let's prepare our hearts to praise our great God this week by reflecting on His goodness and mercy and power. If you missed the sermon you can listen here.


This week we will look at Mark 3:20-35 ... and as you will see its probably a good thing we didn't land on this text last week on Mother's Day! Take some time to read it and reflect before Sunday, and pray that God will help us to understand the significance of this text for our church. I would be grateful for your prayers as I prepare as well.


This week we will share a meal together after our time of worship. Families, bring enough food for your family plus one, and single folks bring plates/cups/plastic-ware (or maybe a side or dessert ... talk amongst yourselves). It would be great if we had enough food that any guests would feel welcome to stay and eat with us.