This past week we considered the compassion Jesus had for the man covered in leprosy and the amazing exchange that occurred between them in Mark 1:40-45 (sermon audio is here). Are you clinging to the truth that Jesus can cleanse not only the physically leprous, but those who are spiritually unclean because of sin? Are we finding comfort in the fact that He has compassion on broken sinners like us? Let's pray that God would give us opportunities to share this good news with others as well.


This week we will be looking at Mark 2:1-12, let's spend some time in this text and pray that God will speak to us. Let's pray for faith to believe and strength to obey what we discover. Let's pray that people will hear and respond to the gospel as it is preached.


Ephesians 4:11-12 says that it is the saints, being equipped by pastors and teachers, who do the work of the ministry. How is your ministry going?