On Sunday we examined the doctrine of God the Son, taking our statement of faith and working through the section on Christology line by line. God saves from sin and death all who come to Him through Jesus Christ. And only those who come to Him through Jesus Christ. This places the person and work of Christ at the very center of our faith. Let's worship Him, treasure Him, submit to Him, and proclaim Him this week.

Listen to The Doctrine of God the Son


Is the person and work of the Holy Spirit somewhat of a mystery to you? It seems that no shortage of attitudes and assumptions about the Spirit are floating around at any given time, and much of it can be confusing. This week at Redemption Hill we will be looking to the scripture to understand exactly who the Spirit is and what it is that He does. In preparation, take a few minutes to read through our statement on God the Holy Spirit and pray that God would give us a deeper understanding of His word, leading to worship and obedience.


Just a reminder that there is a youth event scheduled for this Sunday evening. Students are invited to meet at McDonalds at 6th and Wakarusa at 5 and bring money for dinner. We will discuss Rom. 12:1-2, so please bring your notes. Everyone will eat then car pool over to the Lawrence Sports Pavilion (wear athletic clothing). If you are a non-Douglas Country resident it will cost $5 for access into the Pavilion. Parents will pick up teens at the Pavilion at 8. Contact Steven Parkin if you have any questions.