Sunday may be several days past, but is God’s truth still resonating in your heart? Last week we considered the amazing truth that Jesus is Emmanuel - God with us. The blessing of God’s presence was lost because of sin in the garden, experienced in a limited sense in the Old Testament, but was promised as part of a coming restoration. Jesus brings the blessing of God’s presence to us as he comes to dwell with man. He bestows his Spirit upon all who believe, and gives us a future hope of eternal joy in the very presence of God. Let’s rejoice in this precious gift!

Listen to "God With Us"


This week’s sermon will be drawn from a familiar text - John 3:16. Read this verse in its context (3:1-21) and consider:

  • What place does God’s love have in the incarnation of Jesus Christ?
  • What insights does this text give us into God’s love?
  • How does our culture define love? How might we unwittingly embrace these wrong assumptions? How might we overreact to them?

Please pray that as we gather for worship, God’s name would be exalted rightly and our hearts would appropriately respond to his word, his Spirit, and his love.


Here are the songs we plan to sing this Sunday. Though many of these songs may be familiar, let's "tune our hearts to sing his praise" by giving our full attention to the glorious Christ they proclaim.