Last Sunday we were encouraged by Carey Wilson's message from Psalm 27. Since salvation and true satisfaction are found only in God, David wanted nothing more than to be in His presence. When you understand who David's God is, it becomes clear we must also seek Him with our whole heart.

If you would like to hear the sermon from Sunday, you can listen here.


This week we will return to the gospel of Mark and look at Mark 11:20-26. Please take a few minutes before Sunday to read the text and pray that God would grant us grace to understand and apply it to our lives. Please pray also for unbelievers in our midst, that they would hear and respond to the message of the gospel.


I want to ask you all to continue praying for a new place to gather for worship on Sunday mornings. We are at capacity currently and in need of a location with additional room. Let's ask God to provide a meeting space that will meet our needs and facilitate ministry.