When Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus we are given a beautiful picture of genuine faith, true conversion, and authentic discipleship. From this story we learn several key things about the nature of discipleship. It requires a realization of need, the true object of faith, an obedient response to the call, and demonstrating that faith by following Jesus. How about you? Do you sense your need for Jesus? Are you trusting in Him alone for salvation? Have you responded to His call to follow? May we glorify God as faithful disciples this week!

You can listen to "Was Blind, But Now I See" in the resources portion of our website.


This week's sermon will be from Mark 11:1-11. Please take some time to read and reflect on this passage in preparation for our time of worship Sunday morning. I invite you to join me in praying that the Holy Spirit would be active in us and through us as we exalt Christ in worship and the word.


Are you involved in a small group? Right now we have a group meeting on Wednesdays and another that meets on Thursdays for prayer, discussion, encouragement, and fellowship. These meetings are crucial to fulfilling our mission of making disciples. If you are not part of a group and would like more information, please let us know. We would love to welcome you into one of our home groups and get to know you better!