Speaker: JD Summers | Date: May 10, 2020 | Text: James 4:11-12

Sermon Summary

Malicious speech ought not to be uttered by those in the church. Slander reveals a hypocritical disregard of the law and arrogance in the face of the law-giver, who is Christ. We must submit humbly to Him in the light of the mercy and grace received in the gospel through genuine faith.


  • How might James 4:11-12 be used wrongly to derail biblical patterns of confrontation, rebuke, correction, and church discipline?
  • What is the distinction between necessary and right judgment and sinful judgment?
  • What kinds of sinful speech are often given a pass in Christian homes and churches?
  • How does a right view of the law guard our speech? How does a right view of God guard our speech?
  • How should we react when slandered or wrongly judged?


  • Give praise to Christ as the perfect and true Judge
  • Repent of any sin that has been exposed by this passage
  • Thank God for his gracious forgiveness in the gospel, that we are free from condemnation because of the cross
  • Ask for grace to grow in this area, both in the thoughts of the heart and the words we speak.