Speaker: JD Summers | Date: April 26, 2020 | Text: James 3:13-18

Sermon Summary

Who is a self-proclaimed fool? With so many who are supposed authorities on the subject of wisdom, James instructs us to examine the actual source of wisdom. Biblical wisdom is marked by meekness and rooted in the good fruit of Christ's righteousness.


  • How are faith and wisdom related? What place does wisdom have in our pursuit of spiritual maturity?
  • Why is a misunderstanding of true wisdom potentially dangerous?
  • How did the descriptions of true/earthly wisdom challenge you?
  • What affect might this understanding of wisdom have on our efforts of discipleship?


  • Praise God for his perfect wisdom
  • Thank God for the wisdom revealed in scripture, manifested in Christ, given through the Spirit
  • Confess any ungodly motives like bitter jealousy or selfish ambition
  • Ask for grace to grow in true wisdom and bear good fruit