The plagues are meant to display the glory of God so that all will know He is the LORD. They are proof of His power, they are fulfillment of His promise, and are a preview of the final judgment. While this should instill fear in those who resist Him, those who trust in Christ have a promise of shelter from the wrath to come because Christ has already borne our punishment. Let's marvel at what God has revealed and seek to make Him known to those still in darkness.

Listen to "God of the Plagues"


On Sunday Carey Wilson will be preaching from Mark 14:3-9. (See surrounding context as well.) Please take a few minutes to read and consider:

  • What is significant about the timing of this event?
  • What various attitudes towards Jesus are displayed in this text?
  • Why do you think Jesus gives such honor to her actions?

Let's pray for Carey this week as he prepares to serve us, and pray that our hearts would be turned towards Christ in love and adoration. Pray that those who know about Christ but do not know him, that they could come to see him as supremely precious and come to know him personally as their savior.


Here are the songs we plan to sing on Sunday. Use this list to become familiar with any songs that may be new to you so that you can participate with us.