It is marvelous to step back and look at how God is working in the world. His sovereign grace softens the hardest hearts and draws people to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. And it is humbling to consider our own role in his work. God uses our faithful proclamation of his Word to spread the good news about his son and to convert sinners. Praise be to God!

Spend some time considering God's work in the world and your role in his working.  

Listen to Sovereign Grace and Second Chances


This Sunday we come to the final page of Jonah's story. Chapter 4 lets us see behind the curtain of Jonah and God's desires, and shows us what each of them really cares about. To prepare for this week, read Jonah 4 and think about the following questions:

  • Have you ever resented God for showing mercy and grace to someone?
  • What do we learn about God from his words and actions in this chapter?
  • Was Jonah's repentance in chapter 2 real?
  • Why does God mention cattle in verse 11?

Let's pray that God's word is clearly proclaimed and received on Sunday. Pray for believers to be encouraged and strengthened, for unbelievers to be drawn to Christ, and for God to be glorified in all we do.