Last week we looked at Mark 13:14-27 and considered Jesus' teaching on the great tribulation and His glorious return. How does eschatology (doctrine of the last things) impact our life in the present? It guards us against the deception of false teaching, it provides motivation to endure and to pursue godliness, and it strengthens our faith by giving us hope that Christ will return in glory. As Christians we know that the bible is not just a list of commands, not just a collection of philosophical statements, it is a story with meaning, purpose, and a certain future. God is sovereignly orchestrating history (even the "bad things") to bring about His intended goal. This shapes our world-view and helps us to understand our place in His story. Let's trust Him, and let's submit to His plans for us in the present.

Listen to "The Beginning of the End - pt2"


This week we will finish our study through Mark 13, covering verses 28-37. I encourage you to read through the chapter in its entirety (for context) and pray that God would be honored and His word understood and embraced as we gather to worship on Sunday.


We are excitedly preparing for our first baptism service this Sunday evening. Everyone is invited to arrive at Will and Nancy's home (36715 W. 95th St., De Soto, KS 66018) at 5:30pm. We are asking families to bring enough food to feed their family plus one, and asking the single folks to bring a dessert or side. Drinks, napkins and utensils will be provided. Bring a lawn chair as well since everything will be outdoors. After our meal we will gather around the pool at 7pm for a brief time of teaching, worship, and celebrating the miracle of salvation through baptism.