The epistle of James instructs us to "be doers of the word, and not just hearers only." An essential first step towards following through with what we have learned is to remember it! After our time in Mark 10:13-16 this last week, it may be helpful to re-read the text (it's short) and pray that God would give us a heart for the lowly, as well as help us embrace our own lowliness before God.He gospel is for the humble, and only those who receive Jesus rightly in this life will be received by Jesus when we face the judgment.

If you missed Sunday's sermon and would like to listen to it, you can do so here.


This week is a special week for Christians. Though every Sunday is a time to remember the work of Christ, Easter is unique opporutunity to marvel at the grace and power of our King Jesus. I would encourage you to read the crucifixion and resurrection narratives this week and reflect on what Jesus did on our behalf. Pray that our hearts would be stirred by a fresh realization of our need, His provision, and the redemptive plan of our gracious God. Pray that unbelievers in our midst Sunday would see Jesus for who He is and believe.


As we mentioned Sunday, there is a special darkening service Friday evening at 7pm that will be held at Countryside Baptist Church in Olathe. All are invited to come and participate in a time of worship and reflection on the suffering of our Savior. Then we will come together on Sunday in Lawrence to rejoice in the glorious resurrection!


Mark and Joetta Humphrey, who have recently joined as members at Redemption Hill, are going to be moving at 9am on Saturday, April 2nd to their new home in Pamona. They could use some extra hands and have offered to feed lunch to whoever can help. This is a great opportunity for us to show love and serve as a church family. Please let Mark and Joetta know if you can help.


On Sunday evening April 3rd our jr high and high shool students are invited to Scott and Carolyn Huffman's home at 5pm. Steven and Bradi Parkin will be sharing their testimonies and there will be time for food and getting to know eachother. Plan to chip in a couple bucks for food if you can, and you can contact Scot and Carolyn if you need directions.