What is the mission of the church? According to Jesus is is making disciples of the nations through the proclamation of the gospel. The establishment of local churches is both the effective strategy and eventual outcome of this mission. Our mission a a church is ultimately grounded in God's mission. He is redeeming a people for His name through the work of His Son by the power of His Spirit. We are called to participate in this mission as ambassadors, those who represent our King and herald this good news of redemption to the world. Will you commit yourself to this mission? Will you pray that God would use us to accomplish His purposes in Lawrence? That He would strenghten us to be faithful and produce fruit in and through us?

Although the last 1/3 of Sunday's sermon is missing from the recording, you can listen to most of Sunday's sermon here.


Have you ever been asked (or wondered yourself) if becoming a member of a church is really that big a deal? This week we will consider a biblical understanding of church membership as we prepare to establish membership within our body. Would you pray that God would use these sermons on the church to unite us and give direction and focus to our ministry?