Isaiah 33:17 holds out the hope that one day God's people would see their Messiah. This is the joyful privilege of all believers; not only are we saved from judgment by Christ, but we are brought near by his grace and will one day behold his glory and majesty.

On Sunday we will be learning a new song, "The King in All His Beauty." This modern hymn richly reflects on the person and work of Christ, celebrating the glory of his character and the redemption he accomplished in his death and resurrection. Please learn it with us this week so we can lift our voices to our glorious Christ together on Sunday.



Verse 1
O lift your eyes to heaven, see
The Holy One eternal
Behold the Lord of majesty
Exalted in His temple
As symphonies of angels praise
Now strain to sound His glory
Come worship, fall before His grace
The King in all His beauty

How worthy, how worthy, how worthy
The King in all His beauty

Verse 2
Now see the King who wears a crown
One made of shame and splinters
The sacrifice for ruined man
The substitute for sinners
As earth is stained with royal blood
And quakes with love and fury
He breathes His last and bows His head
The King in all His beauty

Verse 3
Now see the Savior lifted up
The Lamb who reigns in splendor
The hope of every tribe and tongue
His kingdom is forever!
Bring praise and honor to His courts
Bring wisdom, power, blessing
For endless ages we’ll adore
The King in all His beauty

Music and words by Matt Boswell and Matt Papa. © 2015 Getty Music Hymns and Songs/ASCAP, Love Your Enemies Publishing/ASCAP, Getty Music Publishing/BMI, Messenger Hymns/BMI (adm. by Music Services). Used with permission. Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Churches. All rights reserved.